DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals services offered in McKinney, TX

Do you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical as a condition of your employment? At Grace Vitale Wellness in McKinney, Texas, primary care and family nurse practitioner Katherine Epps, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, offers DOT physicals to meet the needs of your employer and ensure you’re healthy enough to safely complete required job duties. Schedule a DOT exam by phone or online today.

What are DOT physicals?

DOT physicals are medical evaluations in which your provider assesses your overall health and well-being. They determine if you meet the health requirements provided by the Department of Transportation in order to safely drive a commercial motor vehicle. Katherine is highly trained in completing such physicals and has many years of experience.

What should I bring with me to a DOT physical?

Bring the following with you to a DOT physical at Grace Vitale Wellness:

  • Picture ID
  • Form of payment
  • List of medications
  • List of previous vaccinations
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them
  • Hearing aids if you need them

If you have a chronic disease being managed by another specialist, you may need a note from that provider as well.

Grace Vitale Wellness uses a streamlined patient registration and queue management system that allows you to stay at work while waiting for your appointment. 

What happens during DOT physicals?

During DOT physicals at Grace Vitale Wellness, Katherine completes the following:

Vital signs check

Katherine checks your blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs. She also weighs you and determines your body mass index (BMI).

Review of medical history

Katherine discusses your medical history by asking about your symptoms, medications, past diagnoses, other treatments, lifestyle habits, and more. She also enquires about past surgeries and your family history of diseases. 

Physical exam

During a DOT physical exam, Katherine evaluates your overall health and well-being by listening to your breathing and heartbeat and examining your body to look for signs of potential problems.

Health screenings

You may need blood testing, urinalysis (included), drug and alcohol testing, or other diagnostic tests to determine if you have a medical concern. Katherine also provides vision and hearing screenings. 

Treatment as needed

If you need medications, referrals for care from another specialist, vaccinations, or other treatments, Katherine is here to help. She also fills out the required DOT physical paperwork and gives you a copy for your records.

How often should I schedule a DOT physical?

You might need a DOT exam every two years, or more often if you have a medical condition, to meet the requirements of your employer or to maintain a commercial driver’s license. Katherine or your employer will let you know when you need your next exam. 

Schedule DOT physicals at Grace Vitale Wellness by phone or online today.